Critical Asset Management

Maintenance personnel—whether in a hospital, remote in the field, on a military installation, a depot or a university campus—are often forced to fill multiple roles, from conducting repairs and preventive maintenance to inventorying assets and projecting their lifespans. As digitalization sweeps through industries, balancing the multiple pressures of the job can be difficult. Analyzing capital needs and prioritizing capital investment planning can be a time-consuming burden for maintenance teams that are already stretched thin. Fortunately, technology can help automate processes, while capturing the data needed to to make well-informed asset life-cycle decisions. 

Regardless of the mission, achieving and maintaining the readiness of its critical assets must become a top priority for all organizations. Mission critical assets should not be managed as simple property, but rather identified and maintained in an AWS FedRAMP-authorized cloud based platform. Our Critical Asset Management platform can fully integrate systems and data sources across all organizations involved in preparedness, response and recovery. Key components of the platform include: Identity and Access Management, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), real-time asset location services, integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), Data Lake, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Document Management. The platform can deliver standardized tracking and readiness reporting, and presents the data in a real-time, relevant format. It can achieve and provide national synchronization and transparency of critical data, material, assets, and capabilities.


Disaster Preparedness, Response & Recovery

To meet current and future National emergency challenges; organizations must be able to identify, acquire, locate, issue, maintain and transfer custody of critical assets in a coordinated effort. When an emergency arises, funding is typically distributed across Federal, State and Local Governments and Non-profits, who then procure critical assets in a decentralized approach. Without the ability to collaboratively control, locate and redistribute assets based upon the greatness need, accountability, traceability and auditability of critical assets will quickly be lost. Our platform can deliver standardized asset tracking and could provide national synchronization and transparency of critical data, material, assets, and capabilities, if used by Federal, State and Local Governments.


Operational Readiness & Availability

It’s becoming apparent that achieving and maintaining new mission readiness standards, in contested environments with near peer competitors, requires rapid access to model-driven scaled agile delivered technologies. Our Critical Asset Management platform can help US Defense organizations proactively manage critical assets, asset information, and maintenance activities. It captures the identity, configuration, and structure of physical assets, their complete technical and commercial configurations, current and past locations, and maintenance history. The platform also supports planned and corrective maintenance and determines the correct stocking levels to provide an acceptable service level of parts and supplies to meet anticipated demand.


Installations, Facilities, and Adaptive Basing

Military installation facilities and forward operating adaptive bases are critical components of the USG National Security strategy. While digital technologies are slowly being put to use on military bases, there are significant security, operational, and economic benefits yet to be realized. These cloud-based digital technologies are key to tomorrow’s fighting force and today’s operational readiness. Our Critical Asset Management Platform can create cost efficiencies, save energy, schedule and execute planned and corrective maintenance, all while supporting the planning for capital improvements. The platform leverages AWS FedRamp certified cloud-based technologies to scale up and down as your mission evolves.


Transportation & Infrastructure

Organizations managing linear assets such as bridges, roads, rails, pipelines, and electrical transmission lines face unique asset management challenges. A linear asset is a continuous asset that needs to be tracked and managed for State of Good Repair (SGR) by designating and implementing some measurement form that is agreed by organization. With our Critical Asset Management platform, these organizations can monitor and maintain pavement, bridges, rail, roads, and highways with GIS integration, fleet and facilities management, budgeting and forecasting, and data analytics. Their mobile workforce will have the ability to optimize the value and performance of every asset throughout its lifecycle.