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Digital Security Cooperation

Foreign Military Sales (FMS), Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) or Hybrid purchases are all paths for international partners to acquire defense articles and services to strengthen their defense capabilities or respond to natural disasters/humanitarian relief efforts.  These purchases strengthen partnerships among trading partner nations and furthers the national security interests of both parties. Unfortunately, under the current FMS construct, there is no single, joint data reporting system for the US Government and international purchaser, so it is extremely difficult for either side to effectively monitor case execution and case funds.  

The choice of either FMS, DCS or Hybrid sales is driven by the special circumstances and the level of procurement expertise of the international purchaser, rather than by substantive differences in the two methods. Regardless of the choice, both parties would benefit from the use of our secure and affordable AWS FedRamp cloud based digital security cooperation platform, known as DefenseView. Our platform supports collaboration, transparency and auditability. Trading partners who use DefenseView will have the opportunity to leverage ecommerce for resupply and repair and automated processes for case management, follow-on-technical support, end use monitoring and repairable tracking. The benefits of our DefenseView platform, include a reduction in time and cost to delivery, full case transparency from acquire to retire, and a reduction in the purchasers dependency on the manual processes of others.


Facilitating collaboration with online procurement, billing, payment and delivery between buyers and suppliers

Integrating machine-to-machine electronic data interchange for real time online purchasing

Leveraging advanced inventory optimization, incorporating demand, supply, lead-times and capacity constraints

Tracking and rating vendor performance allows buyers to understand seller quality and delivery trends

Case Transparency

End to end case transparency and data driven insights across internal systems and the network

Multi-party collaboration with International partners supported by automated case management processes

Predictive alerts to potential and actual case disruptions enables earlier resolution and issue avoidance

Case-wide view of items on order, at rest and in-transit provides flexibility in meeting International partner demands

Case Management

Enables seamless process and information convergence

Displays documentation of any format and case actions side by side in one user experience

Provides case workers with quick access to all relevant documents within an intuitive user interface

Guides users through complex workflows and notifies them of next steps

Follow on Technical Support

Records, maintains, and standardizes asset information

Captures identity, configuration, and structure of physical assets, availability, and current position

Stores past locations, custody and maintenance history

Enables informed technical support for scheduling and performing both preventative and corrective maintenance

Repairable Tracking and End Use Monitoring

Pinpoint ITAR controlled assets and create a view of asset location and custody control

Delivers instant notifications if an ITAR controlled asset leaves a ‘geo-fenced’ area

Combines cloud computing and smartphone technology to produce a digital asset dashboards

Track items during transit to and from the repair depot