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Security Cooperation

Foreign Military Sales (FMS), Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) or Hybrid purchases are all paths for international partners to acquire defense articles and services to strengthen their defense capabilities or respond to natural disasters/humanitarian relief efforts.  These purchases strengthen partnerships among trading partner nations and furthers the national security interests of both parties. Unfortunately, under the current FMS construct, there is no single, joint data reporting system for the US Government and international purchaser, so it is extremely difficult for either side to effectively monitor case execution and case funds.  

Security Cooperation is the least digitized trading network in the world

The US Government, currently does not offer a digital system that addresses the International Purchasers need for FMS speed and transparency. DefenseView is positioned to address this white space with a cloud based integrated digital security platform enabled by AI/ML, that accelerates DCS purchases, delivery, sustainment and resupply of US Defense Articles and Services. Our DCS first, Cloud based customer centric platform, supports collaboration, transparency and auditability. The benefits include speed to delivery, automated procurement, cost and schedule market analytics using AI/ML, 24×7 customer support and real time analytical dashboards for all purchases from acquire to retire, plus a full shift of the buying power back to the International Purchaser. DefenseView is offered to International Purchasers as an annual subscription with defined and measurable service levels plus a small negotiated transactional fee.

DefenseView is the Digital Alternative to FMS when acquiring US Defense Articles & Services